The Global Conversation

Blue: Public Sector - 56%

Red: Private Sector - 30%

Orange: Cause Sector - 18%

Green: Finance Sector - 7%

The search is generated from Quid’s database, which covers over 60,000 English language news sources (print and electronic) and over 1 million English language blogs. Each of the circles in this figure represents a given story in the news surrounding the encouragement, development, or signaling of sustainable markets, the goods and services sold in sustainable markets, or the work being done to foster sustainable markets:

• Blue circles are those where the Public Sector is the primary actor mentioned in the article about a topic related to sustainable markets

• Red circles represent those stories where an individual or organization in the Private Sector was the primary topic in the story.

• Green circles represent stories primarily focused on the Finance Sector.

• Orange circles are the articles focused on the work of the Cause Sector.

The circles on the periphery of the network map represent an article about a topic related to sustainable markets but it is very distinct (either the specific subject matter or the language used in the article) from the rest of the articles in the network. We see a lot of red (Private Sector) circles out on the edges far from the others. Because the Private Sector is somewhat of an outlier in the conversation on sustainable markets, this means it is not consistently collaborating with the other actors or focusing on market creation in the same manner as the other actors.

The most important takeaway is that, while there is a degree of collaboration between the four sets of actors, their work could be better integrated. That does not imply that every conversation in the news or in public-facing content directly correlates to collaboration. In many cases, collaboration between actors takes place in private settings, such as closed-door meetings. But, again, the underlying premise is that, if the collaboration yields impactful outcomes, the work being done will find its way into some form of content available for public consumption.

Source: Analysis by the author of 2,836 media stories collected and visualized by Quid from November 2018 – November 2019.